Drug Relationships

This section provides a quick overview of the relation between drugs as per their kingdom, family (e.g., plant families like solanaceae) as well as per homoeopathic literature (e.g, sil is complementary to puls). In addition to charting the relationships, there are the key symptoms of the drug. Further, the drugs are linked to each other, so that you can directly move from one to the other. You can also choose to look at all the entries at once - this is useful when you want to find all occurrences of a drug on a page using your browser's search function (typically Ctrl+F).

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Please note that there can be overlap in some categories. For example, ambr comes under sea creatures as well as mammal. Much useful information is found in Animalia, Snake Taxonomy, The World Spider Catalog and Common Names of Insects Database.

Bufonidae: bufo

Insects: aphis, apis, blatta-o, canth, cimx, coc-c, culx, form, pulx, trom, vesp

Mammals: ambr [Mammals/Sea Creatures], castm, lac-c, lac-d, meph, mosch

Sea Creatures: ambr [Mammals/Sea Creatures], aster, bad, cor-r, murx, sep, spong, squill [Liliaceae/Sea Creatures]

Snakes: both, bung, cench, crot-h, elaps, lach, naja, vip

Spiders: aran, lat-m, mygal, tarent, tarent-c, ther


The Periodic Table of Elements
Periodic Table

Acids: acet-ac, benz-ac, but-ac, carb-ac, chrom-ac, cit-ac, fl-ac [Acids/Fluorine], gall-ac, hipp-ac, hydr-ac, mur-ac [Acids/Muriaticum], nit-ac [Acids/Nitricum], ox-ac, ph-ac [Acids/Phosphorus], pic-ac, succ-ac, sul-ac [Acids/Sulphur], tart-ac

Ammonium: am-brom, am-c, am-caust, am-iod, am-m, am-phos [Ammonium/Phosphorus], am-pic, am-val

Antimony: ant-ar [Antimony/Arsenic], ant-c [Antimony/Sulphur], ant-t

Arsenic: ant-ar [Antimony/Arsenic], ars [Arsenic/Metals], ars-i [Arsenic/Iodine], ars-s-f [Arsenic/Sulphur], aur-ar [Arsenic/Aurum], calc-ar [Arsenic/Calcium], chin-ar, kali-ar [Arsenic/Kali], nat-ar [Arsenic/Natrum]

Aurum: aur [Aurum/Metals], aur-ar [Arsenic/Aurum], aur-br [Aurum/Bromium], aur-m [Aurum/Muriaticum], aur-m-n [Aurum/Muriaticum/Natrum], aur-s [Aurum/Sulphur]

Barium: bar-c, bar-i [Barium/Iodine], bar-m [Barium/Muriaticum], bar-s [Barium/Sulphur]

Bromium: aur-br [Aurum/Bromium], brom [Bromium/Halogens], calc-br [Bromium/Calcium], kali-br [Bromium/Kali]

Calcium: calc, calc-ar [Arsenic/Calcium], calc-br [Bromium/Calcium], calc-f [Calcium/Fluorine], calc-i [Calcium/Iodine], calc-p [Calcium/Phosphorus], calc-s [Calcium/Sulphur], calc-sil [Calcium/Silica], hep [Calcium/Sulphur], lapis [Calcium/Fluorine]

Carbon: carb-an, carb-v, carbn-s [Carbon/Sulphur], graph, petr

Fluorine: calc-f [Calcium/Fluorine], fl-ac [Acids/Fluorine], lapis [Calcium/Fluorine]

Halogens: brom [Bromium/Halogens], fluor, iod [Halogens/Iodine], mur

Iodine: ars-i [Arsenic/Iodine], bar-i [Barium/Iodine], calc-i [Calcium/Iodine], iod [Halogens/Iodine], kali-i, merc-i-f [Iodine/Mercury], merc-i-r [Iodine/Mercury], sul-i [Iodine/Sulphur]

Kali: caust, kali-ar [Arsenic/Kali], kali-bi, kali-br [Bromium/Kali], kali-c, kali-m [Kali/Muriaticum], kali-n [Kali/Nitricum], kali-p, kali-s [Kali/Sulphur]

Magnesium: mag-c, mag-m [Magnesium/Muriaticum], mag-p [Magnesium/Phosphorus], mag-s [Magnesium/Sulphur]

Mercury: cinnb [Mercury/Sulphur], merc [Mercury/Metals], merc-c, merc-cy, merc-d [Mercury/Muriaticum], merc-i-f [Iodine/Mercury], merc-i-r [Iodine/Mercury], merc-s [Mercury/Sulphur]

Metals: alum, arg-met, arg-n [Metals/Nitricum], ars [Arsenic/Metals], aur [Aurum/Metals], bism, cadm, cob, cupr, ferr, indium, lith, mang, merc [Mercury/Metals], nicc, osm, pall, plat, plb, sel, stann, stront, tell, thall, titanium, uran-n, vanad, zinc

Muriaticum: aur-m [Aurum/Muriaticum], aur-m-n [Aurum/Muriaticum/Natrum], bar-m [Barium/Muriaticum], kali-m [Kali/Muriaticum], mag-m [Magnesium/Muriaticum], merc-d [Mercury/Muriaticum], mur-ac [Acids/Muriaticum], nat-m [Muriaticum/Natrum]

Natrum: aur-m-n [Aurum/Muriaticum/Natrum], borx, nat-ar [Arsenic/Natrum], nat-c, nat-m [Muriaticum/Natrum], nat-p [Natrum/Phosphorus], nat-s [Natrum/Sulphur]

Nitricum: amyl-n, arg-n [Metals/Nitricum], glon, kali-n [Kali/Nitricum], nit-ac [Acids/Nitricum], sang-nit

Phosphorus: am-phos [Ammonium/Phosphorus], calc-p [Calcium/Phosphorus], mag-p [Magnesium/Phosphorus], nat-p [Natrum/Phosphorus], ph-ac [Acids/Phosphorus], phos

Silica: alum-sil, calc-sil [Calcium/Silica], kali-sil, sil

Sulphur: ant-c [Antimony/Sulphur], ars-s-f [Arsenic/Sulphur], aur-s [Aurum/Sulphur], bar-s [Barium/Sulphur], calc-s [Calcium/Sulphur], carbn-s [Carbon/Sulphur], chin-s, cinnb [Mercury/Sulphur], hep [Calcium/Sulphur], kali-s [Kali/Sulphur], mag-s [Magnesium/Sulphur], merc-s [Mercury/Sulphur], nat-s [Natrum/Sulphur], sul-ac [Acids/Sulphur], sul-i [Iodine/Sulphur], sulph

Fungi & Lichens

Fungi: agar, bol, bov, polyp-p, sec, sol-t-ae, stict, usn, ust


Nosodes: anthr, carc, diph, lepromin, lyss, maland, med, psor, pyrog, ringworm, syph, tub


Source: US Dept. of Agriculture. Also see The WFO Plant List

Anacardiaceae: anac, como, mangif, rhus-r, rhus-t, rhus-v

Apocynaceae: alst, apoc, condurango, olnd, stroph, vinc

Araceae: arum-t, calad, poth

Araliaceae: aral, gins, hedera, hydrc

Berberidaceae: berb, berb-aq, caul, podo

Brassicaceae: cochlearia, iber, lepi, raph, sin-n, thlasp

Cactaceae: anhal, cact, cere-b, cere-s

Campanulaceae: lob-c, lob-e, lob-i, lob-p, lob-s

Cannabaceae: cann-i, humul

Caprifoliaceae: lon-x, samb, symphor, trios, vib

Compositae: abrot, absinth, achyr, ambros, anthem, arn, art-v, bellis, calend, card-m, cham, cina, ciner, echin, erig, eup-per, eup-pur, gnaph, hyper, inula, lappa, mill, solid, tanac, tarax, tussil, wyeth

Cucurbitaceae: bry, coloc, cucur, elat, momor

Dioscoreaceae: dios, raja-s

Droseraceae: dros

Ericaceae: epig, gaul, kalm, led, rhod

Euphorbiaceae: acal, crot-t, euph, hippom, hura, jatr, manc, ricin, still

Fabaceae: arag, bapt, cop, derris, dolich, genist, laburn, lath, meli, phys, rob, senna, trif-p, trif-r

Graminae: anan, arund, aven, lol-t, sacc-o, trit, zea

Hamamelidaceae: ham

Hippocastanaceae: aesc

Iridaceae: croc, iris, iris-t

Lamiaceae: agn, coll, lamium, lycps-v, mentha, oci-c, oci-s, orig, salv, scut, teucr

Lauraceae: camph, cinnm

Liliaceae: alet, all-c, all-s, aloe, aspar, colch, conv, helon, lil-t, nuph, ornith, paris, sabad, sars, squill [Liliaceae/Sea Creatures], trill-p, verat, verat-v

Loganiaceae: gels, ign, nux-v, spig

Menispermaceae: cocc, cur, pareir

Myristicaceae: myristica, nux-m

Papaveraceae: chel, op, sang

Pinaceae: abies-c, abies-n, cupressus, junip, pin-s, sabin, tax, terb, thuj

Polygonaceae: fago, polyg-avic, polyg-pers, polyg-punc, polyg-sag, rheum, rumx

Primulaceae: anag, cycl, prim-f, prim-o, prim-v

Pteridophytes: equis, lyc

Ranunculaceae: acon, act-s, adon, cimic, clem, hell, puls, ran-b, ran-s, staph

Rosaceae: crat, frag, laur, prun-p, prun-s, prun-v, pyrus, rosa, spiraea

Rubiaceae: chin, coff, ip, mitch

Rutaceae: ang, citr-v, jab, ptel, ruta

Sarraceniaceae: sarr

Scrophulariaceae: dig, euphr, grat, lept, verb, veron

Simaroubaceae: ail, cedr, quass

Solanaceae: bell, caps, dub, dulc, hyos, lycpr, mandr, physal, sol-n, stram, tab

Thymelaeaceae: daph, dirc, mez

Umbelliferae: aeth, asaf, cic, con, oena, petros, phel, sumb, ziz