Select a MM above, e.g. Coryza. Use a prominent applicable keyword, e.g. thick or thirstless or sneezing. Choose the rubric(s) from list below. Use another keyword and select more rubrics. Read the help for more info.

a/f night-watching, loss of sleep
a/f tobacco smoking
abdomen feels full of stones
acidity, burning, vomiting
acidity, flatulence, shortness of breath after eating
acute smell, odors nauseate, even to fainting, etc
after nursing, the child vomits milk in curds, refuses to nurse afterwards, and is very cross
anterior tongue looks red, like raw beef
anxious, fears death
averse to fat food, warm food, and drink
belching, with taste of ingesta
better uncovering abdomen
bitter taste of everything except water
bitter taste, esp morning on waking
burning or icy coldness in stomach and abdomen
childish weeping, panics, requires reassurance
clean or red, pointed tongue
cold and weak, but sensitive and restless
complaints and moods changeable
complaints from bathing or getting overheated
complaints from fright or exposure to extreme weather
constant nausea, but unable to vomit, or immediately after vomiting, wants to vomit again
copious salivation
craves acids, or what disagrees
craves ice cold drinks, or ice-cream
craves ice water or sour drinks
craving for piquant things
craving for various things, but is averse to then when smelling them, seized them with nausea
deathly nausea
deathly nausea and violent vomiting, < least motion, with much spitting
deathly nausea or with faint sinking at pit of stomach
desire for acids and for pickles
desire for apples, fruits, and acids generally
discomfort, even after a small quantity of food, or from mere sight or smell
drinks, vomits, and declares he will die
dysmenorrhea, with vomiting and purging
dyspeptic ailments during summer heat
effects of night watching and hard study
eructations, taste of food remains a long time
faintness and vomiting from motion
faintness and weakness at epigastrium
faintness, collapse and coldness
feels too weak to talk loud
flow of saliva
food leaves an after-taste or causes belching
frequent discharges of wind upward and downward
gastric headache, with nausea, vomiting, and great prostration
great weakness, restlessness
griping, clawing or cutting at navel
heat in the back, between scapulae
heavy or deranged stomach
in intermittent fever, between the paroxysms, nausea, vomiting, aching in the stomach, disgust for food or drink, often with a bitter taste
incessant nausea worse smell of tobacco smoke
intense thirst esp for cold water
irritable and sensitive to impressions, strong odors, etc
lies on stomach and jerks buttocks up
lies with eyes closed
light-haired females, especially during pregnancy, causing much nausea and backache
liver complaints, jaundice
liver or heart complaints
metallic taste
miserable sinking or hanging loose feeling at stomach
nausea and faintness when rising up
nausea and violent vomiting, tormenting, > drinking
nausea and vomiting, from taking vinegar or bad sour wine
nausea and vomiting, or vomiting without nausea
nausea and vomiting, with profuse sweat, and with respiratory symptoms
nausea better in open air
nausea from odors
nausea from rich, heavy food
nausea from riding in cars, boat, etc, or looking at boat in motion, must lie down
nausea produces fear
nausea, retching, and vomiting, especially after food, with deathly faintness and prostration
nausea, vomits without relief
nausea, with salivation
noisy swallowing
offensive discharges
only cold drinks are tolerated, and give relief
painful transfixion cramp
post operative vomiting
pressure in stomach after eating, as of a stone
profuse cold sweat, esp on forehead
profuse salivation, with good appetite
profuse sweat
profuse sweat and prostration
projectile vomiting
puts tongue out like a snake
rapid, sudden effects
repugnance to food
rich food <
sensitiveness of epigastrium to touch
sick headache
sinking at epigastrium
slow pulse
stomach deranged by ice, fruit, acid things
stomach easily deranged, feels overloaded, or as if had eaten too much
stomach upset easily, even from taking a bad cold
stool gray or ashy
sudden, excessive evacuations
sweet taste with constant salivation
sweet waterbrash
symptoms ascend, or end in bilious vomiting
tense abdomen
terrible faint, sinking feeling at pit of stomach
thirst for cold water, little and often
thirst for effervescent, alcoholic beverages
thirst for large draughts
thirst for sips of water
thirsty, but loathes the smell, or sight of food, > lying quietly
throws up ingesta by the mouthful
tongue coated thick white
tongue coated white
tongue dry down middle
tongue dry in center
tongue thick white pasty coat, or very red or red streaks
unquenchable thirst
urine has a deep red color, and deposits a copious red sediment
violent effects, with collapse
violent pains in the stomach during vomiting
violent retching, cutting colic, cramps in limbs and rapid prostration
violent vomiting, bilious mucous and bloody, greenish
vomiting - bilious, < stooping
vomiting and diarrhea at the same time
vomiting in any position, excepting lying on right side
vomiting of bile and water immediately after eating
vomiting seems to pour out as from a pump, in great profusion, deluging everything
vomiting with agonizing colic, diarrhea and shrieks or convulsions
vomiting with cold sweat on face
vomiting, with fear, heat, profuse sweat and increased urination
vomits a short while after drinking
vomits bile, with relief
vomits food eaten long before
vomits or eructates froth
vomits or expectorates with great effort
vomits without relief
weak, empty, or gone sensation in abdomen
weeps easily, mild, > consolation
with vertigo, < night and early a.m., > eating or drinking
worse at midnight, or 1-2 a.m. or 1-2 pm.
worse warm drinks, which are vomited