Select a MM above, e.g. Coryza. Use a prominent applicable keyword, e.g. thick or thirstless or sneezing. Choose the rubric(s) from list below. Use another keyword and select more rubrics. Read the help for more info.

< in room, > open air
< in warm room, > in cold air
< open air, > indoors
< warm room, > open air
acrid discharge from anterior and posterior nares
acrid discharge from nose, but dryness internally
acrid, excoriating discharge
acrid, fluent coryza, nostrils raw
acrid, ichorous discharge, excoriating inside of nose, alae, and upper lip
acrid, scalding tears, aversion to light
acrid, watery discharge dropping from tip of nose
acute coryza and dull frontal headache and fever
acute coryza, dull headache, and inflammation of throat
after getting feet wet
alae naesi and corners of mouth cracked
alae naesi red and scabby
alternates between nostrils
anxious about health
ascending throat colds
backache, piles, fissure
blood-stained mucus, or epistaxis
body large and fat, but legs too thin
bodyache, weariness and lassitude
bones of nose sore to touch
bores fingers into nose
burning and swelling of eyelids
burning and throbbing in nose and sinuses
burning in larynx and trachea
burning in parts
burning in parts - esp palms
burning in stomach
burning sensation
child picks nose and eats scabs
child starts from sleep rubbing nose
chilliness in the back, in waves
chilly but craves cold, ice-cream etc
chilly, cold, open air < immediately
chronic coryza, blows nose often
chronic nasal catarrh esp postnasal dropping of lumpy discharge that is hawked up
chronic nasal catarrh, with yellow, offensive, corrosive discharge
chronic obstruction of nose
cold air <
cold travel upwards or attack eyes
cold, chilly, > warmth
coldness alternates with heat, during catarrh
colds commence with much sneezing
colds ending in diarrhea
colds in damp, cold weather
colds that affect the eyes
complaints and moods changeable
constant need to blow the nose, but no discharge
corners of the mouth sore, cracked, bleeding
coryza > inhaling hot air
coryza alternating sides
coryza and hoarseness and sleeplessness
coryza and nosebleed
coryza and sneezing, and aching in every bone
coryza and sore, bleeding nostrils
coryza ending in diarrhea
coryza followed by hoarseness or painful cough
coryza from suppressed menses
coryza thin, watery, burning, with rawness and sensitive to inhaled cold air
coryza which dries up soon, forming scabs difficult to dislodge
coryza, acrid discharge, but too thick to run down lip, < warm room
coryza, dry at night, fluent by day
coryza, with discharge of thick, white mucus
crack in center of lip
cracks in mucus membranes
craves warm food and drink
dark complexion
deep crack in center of tongue
descending nose colds
dirty, careless appearance, disheveled hair, stooped
discharge acrid, nose and lip raw
discharge burns and corrodes nose and upper lip
discharge from right nostril
dropping from posterior nares
dry coryza becomes fluent in open air
dry coryza of infants, snuffles
dry sensitiveness in upper part of nose
dryness and roughness of throat, frequent inclination to swallow
dryness of fauces and throat
dryness of nasal fossae
dryness of nasal membrane
dryness of posterior nares
elastic plugs and clinkers, leave raw surface
emaciated despite good appetite
emaciated, esp about neck
empty feeling in chest
epidemic influenza, fever
especially adapted to those who are fat and sluggish
excoriation inside nose
exhausting, fluent coryza with sneezing
eyes pain from suppressed coryza
eyes protruded, prominent
face hot and eyelids red and burning
feeling of dryness in nose, posteriorly
feeling of goneness in stomach not relieved by eating
fever blisters
fluent alternating with dry coryza
fluent coryza alternating with dry
fluent coryza alternating with dry coryza
fluent coryza, but nose feels blocked
fluent, burning coryza < outdoors, nose stuffed indoors
fluent, hot coryza and general heat of skin
frequent ineffectual desire for stool
frequent sneezing, wings of nose raw and sore
from sitting in cold places, on stone steps
frothy nasal discharge
fullness at root of nose and burning in eyelids
fullness in forehead and root of nose
fullness of nasal passages
getting wet, or head bath <
greasy face
great dryness in nose
great prostration
green casts from nose every morning
greenish yellow discharge
headache < closing eyes
headache with fluent coryza
heat and dryness of mouth and throat
hoarseness or loss of voice, esp in professional singers
hot air feels good in the nose, but not the body
hot and restless
imagines foul odors, oversensitive to them
impaired hearing from cold
impatient, irritable
inflammation of nose, swelling and pain like a boil
internal soreness or dryness of nose
irritable, revengeful, obstinate, hatred
itching at point of nose
itching in nsoe and border of wings
itching of soft palate
itching, tickling in nose, rubs it or picks it
lachrymation on going into open air and spasmodic sneezing
larynx gets constricted, dyspnea, violent cough and asthma
laughing excites cough and produces profuse mucus in larynx
left side
likes to travel
loss of smell
loss of smell and taste
lump at root of nose
margins of lids red, swollen, burning
much hawking
mucous membranes of mouth, throat, rectum are swollen, burn, feel dry and raw
mucous membranes swollen, with thick discharges
must blink or wink often
nasal catarrh and weakness, with inflamed throat, pain extends to ear
nasal polyps
night sweats
nose becomes stopped towards evening
nose blocked in evening, abundant discharge in morning
nose dry and completely obstructed, preventing breathing and nursing
nose dry and obstructed, or filled with sticky, tenacious mucus
nose feels stopped up with fluent coryza
nose feels stopped up with watery discharge
nose feels swollen and stiff
nose full of thick, glairy mucus
nose looks sharp and pointed
nose obstructed with loss of smell
nose red and swollen
nose stuffed up at night
nosebleed at night
nostrils dilated, or fan-like motion
nostrils raw, ulcerated, nasal bones swollen
obstinate colds and ear affections
obstruction, alternating sides
one nostril stuffed up, the other free and discharging, and these conditions alternate
one or the other nostril blocked up
one side blocked
open air amel
oversensitive to odors
pain at root of nose
pain at root of nose and frontal sinuses, with fever
painful hoarseness, < evening
painful soreness of eyeballs
persistent but unsatisfactory sneezing, < from sneezing
persistent, violent or abortive sneezing
persistently acrid, profuse, sticky, gluey, honey yellow discharge
picks or bores deeply into raw parts due to irritation, bites nails
polyps and adenoids
pressure and pain at root of nose
pricking, splinter like pains
profuse lachrymation and fluent discharge from nose
profuse purulent nasal discharge at night, staining pillow greenish-yellow
profuse sweat
profuse sweat without relief
profuse sweat, but wants warmth and covers which relieve
profuse thick, purulent, yellow mucus
profuse, bland, fluent coryza < lying, and violent cough with much expectoration, > lying down
profuse, cool, greenish, non-irritating dischargs
profuse, fluent coryza, with rawness < damp weather
profuse, watery, acrid coryza, with pain in frontal sinuses
raises up and sneezes heartily
red orifices
redness of eye and lachrymation
right nostril blocked
right side, then left
right-sided coryza
ripened colds, old catarrhs
root of nose sore
salivation and dyspnea
sensation of hot water flowing from nostrils
sense of smell acute
sensitive to odors
severe dry coryza, esp of left nostril
singer's cold
slim, tall, fine-features
smell acute
sneezing < at night
sneezing < odors, smoke etc
sneezing and burning in nose
sneezing and coryza from putting hands in water
sneezing and fullness at root of nose
sneezing early in the morning
sneezing in sleep
sneezing in sunshine
sneezing in the morning
sneezing in the morning and chilliness
sneezing on entering warm room
sneezing waking from sleep
sneezing with shooting pain in nape of neck
sneezing without relief
snuffles of children, esp fat, chubby babies
soreness of eyeballs on closing the eyes or closing them
soreness of nostrils
spasmodic sneezing and runny nose
stitching or sharp splinter pains
stuffed, painful nose
stuffiness and dryness of nose, without discharge
stuffy colds after exposure to cold atmosphre
stuffy, obstructed feeling, not relieved by blowing nose
sudden bouts of sneezing with dripping of hot water
sudden violent lachrymation, pain in eyes
summer colds, or from change of season
sweat stains yellow or leaves a salty deposit
sweats on nose
sweats on palms and feet
swelling of upper eyelids
swelling of upper lip
takes cold from slightest exposure
tastelessness of food
tendency to hemorrhage
the eyes water all the time and are agglutinated in the morning
thick plugs and crusts
thick, bland, greenish-yellow discharge
thick, greenish discharge
thick, offensive discharge
thin, albuminous discharge
thinking of complaints <
throat and larynx feel raw or sore on swallowing or coughing
throat dry
tightness and fullness at root of nose
tingling and prickling inside nose
tingling in right side of nose
tip of nose inflamed and swollen
tonsilitis after coryza
trembling of hands
urine profuse, increased
very sticky, stringy, ropy, thick discharges
violent coryza, with pain and inflammation
violent fluent coryza for 3 days, then stoppage of nose high up
violent sneezing on deep breathing
violent sneezing on rising from bed
violent, abortive sneezing from intense crawling in left nostril
violently irritable and oversensitive
vivacious, friendly, sympathetic
warm food and drinks >
warmth of fire >
warts around nose or face
watery, acrid coryza, corroding the lip
watery, excoriating discharge
weakness after a debilitating long illness
weeps easily
white spots on nails
worse 4-8 pm.
worse eating
worse evening
worse evening and night
worse from both heat and cold
worse from change of weather
worse from flowers
worse smell of flowers or garlic
worse sunlight and wind
yellow mucus discharge
yellow saddle across nose
yellow-green, fetid, pus-like discharge