Select a MM above, e.g. Coryza. Use a prominent applicable keyword, e.g. thick or thirstless or sneezing. Choose the rubric(s) from list below. Use another keyword and select more rubrics. Read the help for more info.

a/f disappointment in love
a/f embarrassment, shock, loss
a/f exposure to extreme weather, heat or cold
anxious about health, very restless, constantly changes position
averse to fruits
awkward, drops things
biting or striking
bright hemorrhages
burning sensations, offensive discharges, blackness
cannot bear tight clothing around neck
cannot pass stool in presence of strangers
childish, moaning and groaning
chloasma, yellow-brown saddle across nose and cheeks
complaints in old people
complaints worse in the morning, esp 10 a.m.
confusion of identity
consolation <
constipation despite soft stools
contradiction of will, irresolute
contradictory, changeable symptoms
conversation <
crack in middle of lower lip
craves lemons
craves salt
craves warm things, > warmth, feels chilly
critical, fault-finding
cursing, swearing, abusive - uses foul language
difficulty in swallowing
does everything in a hurry
draggy, tired females, brunettes
dreams of robbers
dryness of mucous membranes
dwells on past disagreeable occurences
eating > most complaints
emaciation, esp at neck
empty sensation in stomach, hunger not relieved by eating
expression of fear or anxiety
extreme weakness in acute complaints
extremely sensitive
face greasy
fear of exams
fear of insanity
fear of poverty
fears being poisoned
fears death, predicts the time of death
feels unfortunate
gnaws fist, holds part, screams
grasping objects >
high fever with much thirst
incontinence of urine or stool, does not notice
increased strength
indifference - to loved ones, to work etc
inflammation or high fever...suppuration
intensely shy, bashful
intolerance of heat
itching eruptions > warmth
kneeling <, causes fainting
laughs at serious matters
laughs loudly
lump or ball sensation
makes gestures
mania, insanity
memory weak, esp proper names etc
miserable sadness, weeps easily but averse to consolation
miserly and fastidious
music <, causes weeping
nervous conditions
noisy, active, energetic
numbness, tingling, sense of enlargement or swelling
one cheek red, the other pale
one-sided complaints
paralytic effects
particular about time, planning
picks things in the air
piercing shrieks, cries
plug or band sensation
prominent eyes, dilated pupils
quick to perceive and act
redness, congestion
restless, anxious, weeping
restless, busy, fruitless activity
restless, excited, loquacious, jumps from one topic to another without waiting for a reply
right side
right-sided complaints
sac like puffy swellings, edema and effusions
sadness but cannot weep, silent grief
sadness on waking
sadness with silent grief, or hysterical
sense of hurry, but actions are slow
shameless, exposes body
sighing, with ball sensation in throat
silly foolish prattling
silvery hair and tongue, black lips, corrugated nails
sings lewd obscene songs
sleepless from worry
slight or unusual things <
slight touch <
soreness of skin
spasmodic, nervous symptoms
stinging, stitching, burning pains
strain or injury to tendons
strange ideas and silly compulsive actions
sudden, violent effects
suicidal or morbid impulses < sight of blood
sun headache
suspicious, feels he will be cheated or robbed, does not even trust the doctor
suspicious, jealousy and quarrelsome
sweat on covered parts
sweats on face only
symptoms suddenly change place
thinks he is well
thirsty - for small sips of water, or thirstless in chronic conditions
trembling from slight exertion
twitching of muscles
uncovers self
urinary complaints
urticaria with itching and burning > cold applications
vertigo on sitting up
very sudden and intense onset of complaints
vivid imagination, fear and fright at trivial things
wants to be occupied, diversion amel
wants to escape
weakness on waking, morning or night
weeping, tearfulness, cannot help weeping, even without cause
wild, delirious, destructive
yellow, sallow appearance