How To Use DFind

Dfind is a new way of searching for a remedy in a specific clinical complaint such as cough, fever etc.

The main therapeutic indications of a remedy for that condition are put at the start, with other general indications in the body. For example, the main features of a sore-throat in lachesis might be:

  1. left-side and left to right
  2. difficulty in empty swallowing, or swallowing liquids more difficult than solids
  3. worse from warm drinks

Now, lachesis has many OTHER prominent keynotes like loquacity, worse after sleep, thermally hot etc. If you select the section "Sore-throat" and search for loquacity, you may find belladonna too, but in lachesis, what you will see at once is --> (1) left side, l to r (2) difficulty in empty swallowing etc...
whereas in Bell you will see --> (1) right side or right to left (2) bright red, or suppurating tonsils (3) extreme dryness and sense of constriction.

Do look at the "Mind" section also. This is just an experiment, where searching for a prominent mental feature would show you the "General action" of the drugs which have that mind symptoms. For example, if you search for "Cursing, swearing" - which has anac and would see Eating ameliorates in anac whereas cracks in mucous membranes might be the symptom shown in Nit-ac.

You can look at the screenshots below:

(Several more remedies to be added over time - this is just experimental )