Select a MM above, e.g. Coryza. Use a prominent applicable keyword, e.g. thick or thirstless or sneezing. Choose the rubric(s) from list below. Use another keyword and select more rubrics. Read the help for more info.

a/f disappointment, esp in love
a/f exposure to extreme temperatures - cold air, or sleeping in the sun
a/f fright
a/f fright, bad news, ordeals
a/f injuries, esp blunt injuries with extravasations
a/f shock
acute inflammations or suppuration
afternoon, 3-5 p.m.
alternate chill and heat
always wants a change
answers then falls asleep
anxious, restless and thirsty
apathetic, unwilling to talk, answers slowly, moves sluggishly
averse to consolation
bed feels hard
bed feels hot, cannot find a cool place
bed feels too hard
black and blue spots
body aches and is stiff, restless, better for a short while from change of position
both warmth and uncovering <, nothing relieves
burning in palms or in spine, esp between scapulae
burning, pungent, steaming heat
burning-smarting or soreness
bursting headache, esp frontal, with fever
cachectic, debilitated people - but oversensitive
canine hunger, or variable appetite
changeable, unusual, contradictory symptoms
cheerful or vivacious in fever
chill about 4 pm
chill begins in back, must have something hot to the back
chill begins in forearm
chill with excruciating backache
chill with thirst, and heat without thirst
chill with thirst, not relieved by external heat
chill with violent thirst, but shivers from every drink, no thirst in heat
chilliness between the shoulders, or up the back
chilliness on being uncovered, yet he does not allow being covered
chilliness, esp in warm room, and thirstless
chills up and down the back
chilly but external heat is intolerable, veins are distended
chilly every evening
chilly from every movement
chilly if uncovered or touched
chilly in forenoon, beginning in breast
chilly on drinking, or from motion, even during heat
chilly with pains
chilly with the pains
chilly, cannot bear uncovering, or least draught of air
chilly, wants warmth and covers which relieves
chilly, with air-hunger
cold in spots - vertex, between scapulae, feet, in bed
cold knees at night
cold sweat on thighs
cold waves pass through him
coldness and heat alternate
coldness of affected parts
coldness, but wants to be fanned
coldness, with thirst
complaints come on gradually and become severe
complaints from excesses, night-watching, too many medicines etc
confusion, crowding of thoughts or ideas
constipation with frequent, ineffectual desire for stool
constipation, stools hard
constipation, stools in balls
convulsions, spasmodic effects, jerking of hands and feet
cr warm
craves acids, condiments or stimulants
craves cold, or thirst for cold water
craves fruits, spicy
craves open air
creeping chills in the evening and into the night
debilitating night sweats
debility, slow and lingering
delirium or overexcitability
delirium, talks of business, or wants to go home
desire for cold milk
desires company
difficulty in swallowing solids
does not know whether awake or asleep
does not want to answer questions
drenching sweats on parts lain on, with relief
dull and indifferent - or sad
dull, indifferent
during apyrexia, headache, diarrhea, loss of appetite, nausea
during fever, itching or nettle-rash all over body
effect of fear, wants light and company
effects of mental or physical strain, shock
especially in females - slim brunettes, with chloasma
exaggeration, things seem larger, enlarged
exposes herself, with lewd talk, silly behaviour, mania
face besotted, red with confusion and dullness as if intoxicated
face dark red, congested
face red, flushed, pupils dilated
falls asleep while answering
feels loss of control
feels oppressed, breathless
feels parts are double, or divided, scattered, and is therefore restless
feet cold and wet
fever at night, less during day
fever begins in morning, painfulness, soreness, trembling and weakness
fever blisters
fever blisters around mouth
fever with red face and chilliness, desires covers in every stage
fever with unnatural hunger, but thirstless
financial worries and insecurity
flapping alae naesi
great sleepiness with snoring, or fever comes on in sleep
great thirst esp during fever
great thirst or nausea long before the fever begins
grinding of the teeth at night
head hot, feet cold
heart feels tired, can feel the beat
hectic fever, exhausting sweats
high fever, but pulse not fast
homesickness, with silent ill-humor
hot hands, with cold feet or vice versa
imagines frightening things
inclination to stretch the limbs
incontinence of urine before fever
intermittent fever, chill with dry cough
internal and external dryness and congestion, with thirst
intolerable burning heat at night, with distended veins
intolerant of pains
involuntary movements, like chewing, or of extremities
involuntary, graceful movements
irritable esp on waking
irritable, averse to being disturbed
irritable, weeping, capricious children
knee chest position in sleep
loquacity, or muttering delirium
low fever states with hot, pale skin
low-grade evening fever daily for many days
lying on left side <
mild, weeps easily, desires fuss, consolation and caress
mixed up cases, spoiled by many remedies, irregular fever
moaning, weeping
more shivering than the chill warrants
morning 7-9 a.m. <
much burning, but better from warmth
much weakness in the morning on waking
much weakness, anxiety and restlessness
muscular soreness and prostration, everything feels heavy
nausea, wishes to vomit
nightmare, awakes in fear
not communicative
offensive breath
offensive or acrid discharges
one cheek red and hot, the other pale and cold
one-sided sweat
oversensitive, easily hurt or offended
pains during sweat
pains in all joints
passes stool involuntarily, without noticing it
periodic fever, forenoon 9-11 am., malaria
periodic, intermittent fever, malaria
picks at clothes, or in the air, plays with fingers
profuse hot sweat
profuse night sweats
profuse perspiration
profuse secretions
profuse sweat without relief
profuse sweat, which relieves all complaints
rapid emaciation and night-sweats
rapid onset and progress of complaints
red cheeks
red face, hot body, cold extremities
restless and weak, but motion amel
rigor with blueness of fingernails
robust, plethoric individuals
says he is well, sends the doctor away
seems to be in semi-sleep, confused dreams with much activity
sensitive to noise
sharp pains, esp with suppurations
sharp, stitching pains
shivering in the back
shrieks, clings, prays
shuddering or shivering, with thirst
sighing, silent grief
sleeplessness, with acute hearing, clocks striking and cocks crowing at a great distance keep patient awake
slightest motion <, even of distant parts
soreness all over body
soreness, fears being touched or approached
stool and urine suppressed
stupid states, foul breath and discharges
sudden jerking of limbs, or convulsions
sudden onset of complaints
sudden onset of high fever
sudden, high fever, with dilated pupils
sweat much, esp on single parts
sweat scanty, relieves all complaints except headache
sweats easily
sweats much, but without relief
sweats much, without relief
sweats on eating
sweats on face
sweats, but covers himself, better from warmth
symptoms changeable
the child picks its nose and cries out in its sleep
thirst before chill, little and often, sips
thirst for sips of water, little and often
thirstless during heat
thirstless in fever
thirstless with fever, or much thirst
thirstless, only desires to be fanned
throat inflammed, dark red, but may be painless
tongue coated thick brown
tongue coated thick white
tongue glazed, red, cracked
tongue moist
touchy, very irritable, impulsive, oversensitive mentally and physically
tranquil or placid, painless
traumatic fever
trembling and desires to be held
tubercular history
typhoid states
typhoid states, tongue dry and brown, diarrhea
urticaria during the heat
vertigo on rising in bed
very offensive breath, discharges - sweat, diarrhea etc
visual disturbances or vertigo
vomiting, esp end of chill or fever stage
wants to be let alone
warm head, cold limbs
warm sweat
weak, debilitated constitutions, poor reaction
weakness, muscles refuse to obey the will
weeps easily
worm complaints
worse 9 p.m.
worse at night
worse at or after midnight
worse from change of weather
worse from draughts, uncovering etc
worse lying on painful part
worse towards evening