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a/f fright
a/f getting wet when heated or sweating
a/f injuries or overstrain
aching in larynx and tickling in throat
acrid coryza
after every cough, copious purulent expectoration
all-gone empty feeling in chest
anxiety during cough
ascending effects
asthma < feather bed or pillow
asthma < full moon, must throw head back, or sit bent
asthma > expectoration
asthma > sitting bent forward, or rocking
asthma after suppressions
asthma with red face
asthma, hysterical - ends in flow of tears
asthma, pneumonia, emphysema
averse to being disturbed
averse to food and drink
averse to food and drink with cough
back < coughing
barking cough
bends double with cough, jerking the body together
bloody or blackish expectoration, even without cough
bone pains
breath stops on coughing
bronchiectasis and fetid expectorati0n
burning like fire
burning sensation in chest and dry cough and hot breath
burning sensations
cannot bear both hot or cold
cannot lie on right side, > lying on back
catarrh that begins in winter and lasts till summer
catarrhal hoarseness
change of room <
chest tightens up in cold air
child becomes stiff and blue in face
child bends backwards with cough
child fears to speak or move
child grasps genitals during cough
child irritable, whines if touched
child rubs face and eyes with cough
children pick at nose
choking, suffocating cough
chronic bronchitis in the aged and feeble
chronic conditions, sycotic
chronic hoarseness
coarse rattling in chest
cold damp weather or getting feet wet <
cold drinks >
complaints begin slowly
complaints that drag on
condiments or irritating things produce cough
conditions progress slowly, but deeply
constant rattling of mucus in chest
copious, thick, greenish expectoration, may be ropy
cough < 3 a.m.
cough < after eating or drinking
cough < afternoon
cough < anger
cough < bathing, washing
cough < cold drinks, sweets
cough < coming into warm room
cough < deep breath, talking or laughing
cough < deep breathing or bending back
cough < deep inspiration
cough < descending stairs or going downhill
cough < eating
cough < eating sweets
cough < entering warm room
cough < evening and efforts to vomiting and pain in chest
cough < evening in bed
cough < evening, < damp weather
cough < every inspiration or expiration
cough < exposure to air, must cover head
cough < getting cold, cold air, or even if part uncovered
cough < hot things, < in bed
cough < inspiration
cough < inspiring cold air
cough < irregular breathing or inspiration
cough < lifting weight, < music, talking or reading aloud
cough < looking at bright objects, fire, light
cough < lying on back
cough < lying on left side or on back
cough < lying on right side, but dyspnea < lying on left
cough < midnight
cough < midnight or after
cough < morning on waking, > after eating
cough < night
cough < night and after midnight
cough < night and warmth of bed
cough < rapid change of temperature
cough < reading aloud or singing
cough < sitting bent or stooping
cough < stretching throat, < empty swallowing
cough < strong odors
cough < sweets
cough < touching neck or ear canal
cough < undressing
cough < when walking
cough > drink of water
cough > drinking cold water
cough > eating or drinking, esp warm things
cough > expectoration
cough > lying
cough > lying down and from warmth - while exercising, or warmth of bed
cough > lying on stomach
cough > warm room
cough after abortion or delivery
cough after influenza
cough and dyspnea > lying on right side
cough and dyspnea and blue face
cough and easy expectoration at night when lying down
cough and jerking of lower limbs with cough, when sitting
cough and profuse sweat of whole body
cough and raw soreness of chest
cough and rawness behind sternum, extending to back and shoulders
cough and sneezing
cough as some some fluid gone wrong way, choking
cough as soon as head touches pillow at night
cough at night in bed preventing sleep, causes pain in pit of stomach
cough causes epistaxis or bloodshot eyes
cough comes from stomach
cough due to heart disease, esp valvular
cough followed by burning in chest and throat
cough followed by vomiting, or with yawning and sleepiness
cough from a spot deep in chest, as if raw and sore
cough from dry spot in larynx
cough from elongated uvula
cough from indigestion or even constipation, > eating
cough from right side of throat
cough from sweets
cough from tickling behind upper sternum
cough from tickling in larynx or chest
cough from tickling in throatpit
cough from warm drinks
cough grows less frequent, while patient becomes more dull
cough has a loud, metallic, brassy sound
cough in bouts of two
cough in children when talking after spell of anger
cough in cold weather, winter
cough in evening, 7 pm
cough in evening, with pain under left ribs
cough in fat, obese children
cough in fever, before chill
cough in paroxysms of two bouts
cough in pregnancy
cough in the morning after rising
cough in the morning, from talking etc
cough in the morning, with profuse, salty expectoration
cough in violent paroxysms, coughs herself out of breath
cough loose after eating, dry after drinking
cough mostly at night, waking from sleep
cough on going from warm room into cold air
cough only at night, from irritation in throat
cough only in daytime > lying down, > at night
cough soon after waking in the moring
cough wakes in the morning or evening, but > during the day
cough when getting warm in bed
cough when smoking
cough with bitter taste in throat
cough with convulsions, or just before
cough with little secretion, and much sensitiveness
cough with morbid urging to urinate
cough with nausea and bitter vomiting
cough with occipital pain
cough with palpitation, dyspnea and burning in chest
cough with rawness at sternum
cough with relaxed uvula
cough with sneezing, hayfever
cough with taste of blood
cough with vomiting
cough, forenoon, 11 a.m.
cough, must bend double
cough, then yawns and sleeps
coughs in sleep without knowing, or falling asleep <
cr apples
cr banana
cr cold things, but is chilly
cr orange
cr warm things
cramps, spasms, jerks
crawling behind chest causing moist, paroxymal cough
croup, complaints come on day after exposure to cold
crying, weeping with cough
damp weather >
darkness and night <
darting pain in chest
deep breath desire
deep, dry cough before fever
deep, hollow cough
desire for company
desire to take deep breath
desires light and company
difficult breathing
distant pains with cough
drinking cold water >
dry cough and sudden loss of breath
dry cough at night, yellow-greenish sputum by day
dry cough in old people
dry cough, then needs to clear the nose
dry, barking, croupous cough
dry, fatiguing cough, seems to come from stomach
dry, hoarse croupy cough < exposure to cold wind
dry, tickling cough in puny boys with emaciation
dry, tickling cough, even to vomiting
dryness of mouth, eyes etc
dryness of mucous membranes
dyspnea > expectoration
dyspnea > lying on face and protruding tongue
dyspnea > rapid motion
dyspnea, can't bear anything near mouth, < coughing or laughing
easy hemorrhage
edematous swellings esp legs
emaciation with cough
empty gone sensation in stomach or chest
enlarged lymph nodes
epidemics of spasmodic cough in autumn
every cold rouses a bronchitis
every excitement increases the cough
excoriating, offensive, burning discharges
exhausting cough, esp evening
exhaustion and heaviness of body after slight exertion
expectoration difficult, and tightness of chest - desire for open air
expectoration difficult, cannot cough deep enough to raise it
expectoration flies out, or must be swallowed
expectoration is swallowed
expectoration of blood while lying down
expectoration of bright red blood
expectoration of large quantities, exhausts the patient
expectoration only after long coughing
expectoration salty - gray or greenish-yellow
expectoration scanty and tenacious
expectoration slips back, or must be swallowed
expectoration tough, brick shade, falls like lumps of jelly
explosive cough, with expulsion of foul air
extreme nervous hypersensitiveness
eyes bright, acrid lachrymation, conjunctivitis
eyes watery, lachrymation
face pale, sickly
face turns dark
falling asleep <
fat people with weak heart
fat, indolent persons
fears being touched or approached
fears death, vivid scary imaginations
fears taking medicine
feels chest and head would fly to pieces
first coughs violent, then weaker and weaker
flapping of alae naesi
flatulence and easy satiety
foul expectoration, or taste of rotten eggs while coughing
friendly, sympathetic nature
from fullness in chest
gagging, retching with cough
generally better in open air
gets out of breath coughing
grasps at throat with cough
great dryness of air-passages
great hoarseness and pain when coughing or talking
great thirst
grinds teeth
gurgling sound
gurgling sound with cough
hanging part >
heart beat rapid
heart conditions causing cough, esp < sleep or exercise
heavy pressure on sternum with cough
hemming, clears throat
hemorrhagic tendency
hip pain with cough
hoarseness and cough and rawness of the chest
hoarseness from gray mucus in throat
hoarseness in the morning
hoarseness of voice
hoarseness, aphonia
holds chest
holds head or chest with cough, or presses head on sternum
hollow, spasmodic, barking cough, coming from deep in chest
hot, and wants to be fanned slowly, from a distance
in general < lying on left side
incessant cough
incessant dry night cough
induration of glands, hardness
inflammation of eyes, with cough
injuries to head
inspiration of cold air = cough
irritation in chest lower than can be reached
itching in air passages
itching in throat and chest < lying down
itching of chest
jerking the body together
jerking with cough
lachrymation with cough
large amount of purulent matter and feeble expectoration
larynx dry, constricted
left sided complaints
light-haired people
liver conditions
loose but violent cough, > sitting
loose morning cough is more severe than dry evening cough
loss of voice after exposure to cold air
morning diarrhea
much dryness of all mucus membranes
much fear, anxiety, restlessness and palpitation
much pain in throat when coughing
much rattling in chest and larynx, but scanty expectoration
much sweat on forehead or entire face
much sweat with the cough
much thick, yellow expectoration - no expectoration at night
mucus flies out of mouth and nostrils with cough [chel
mucus in air-passages after cough
mucus tough and hard
must hold chest during cough
must sit up and bend head backwards
must sit up and cough, then can lie down again
must sit up to breathe or cough
must sit up with cough
must swallow the expectoration
nervous conditions
nervous coughs produced by entrance of a stranger, or presence of strangers
nervous effects
nervous, spasmodic cough < presence of people
nightmares in chidren
noisy, whistling respiration
nose discharge < coughing
nose feels blocked
obese people with dyspepsia
occasional, severe paroxysms of cough
one-sided complaints
open air amel
pain from larynx to left ear on coughing
pain in distant parts when coughing
pain in lumbar back or shoulders during cough
painful cough, with lachrymation, holds throat
painful dry cough
pains in spots, or changing place
paralytic effects in single parts
paralytic effects or slowness in general
paroxysmal cough on waking
perspiration comes and goes in paroxysms
pneumonia, left side
potatoes <
profuse expectoration of mucus
profuse fluent coryza and violent cough
profuse lachrymation with cough
profuse mucous expectoration, raises it but swallows again
profuse secretions, including urine
profuse sweat
profuse sweat without relief
profuse, salty expectoration or small sweet balls expectorated
rapid multiple coughs, one after another, leaving him out of breath
rattling in chest
rattling in chest, but gets up little
red triangular tip of tongue
regular paroxysms of violent, tickling racking cough ending on vomiting or ropy mucus
repressed or undeveloped eruptions, discharges, etc
respiration catching
respiration difficult after cough
respiratory complaints associated with heart disease
restless children
restless feet
retching with cough
ribs seem dislocated
right-sided complaints
robust, plethoric constitutions
rusty, blood-colored sputum
salty or bitter, tenacious expectoraton
sedentary people
sensation as if something torn loose in chest
sensation as of a hair
sensation of down or feathers in throat
sensation of hair on tongue
sensation of rawness
sense of constriction
sense of plug in throat, moving up and down
sensitive to cold air
shocks in heart region
short breath before cough
short cough, with a shrill sound
shy, bashful, easily embarrassed, blushing
sits up with cough and holds chest with both hands
skin effects - itching, redness etc
skin eruptions
skin sore, even touch of clothes
sleepiness with cough
sleeps in knee-chest position
slight or unusual things <, cause complaints
sneezing after cough
sneezing with cough
snuffles of infants
soreness, aching of body, bed feels hard
spasm and constriction of chest
spasmodic, dry cough and violent eructations or hiccough
speech lost
stiffening of body
stiffness and restlessness
stitches in chest with cough
stitches in left chest with cough
stitches or sore streak behind sternum with cough
stitching pains
stitching pains in chest
stormy weather <
stout women who are tired, weary
strange impulses or thoughts - sight of knife, blood etc
sudden onset of violent complaints
sudden paroxysms
suffocative cough < first waking, and tough white mucus, which strangles
suffocative cough with stiffness of body
suicidal thoughts
suppressed eruptions
suppressed or receding eruptions
swallows after cough
sweats on forehead
sweats with the cough
sweetish taste while coughing
swelling above eyes, in upper lids
swollen glands
tall, thin, fine features
tenacious mucous expectoration difficult to raise
tendency to corns and deformed nails
thick expectoration
thick, ropy, stringy expectoration that sticks to lips or has to be wiped off
thick, viscid mucus in throat, hawking causes cough or vomiting
thin, wrinkled
thirst for large quantities
thirst for little and often
throat symptoms < warmth, esp warmth of bed
thumb clenched
tickling in larynx
tickling in trachea causes coug and stitches in head
tickling in upper sternum < talking, causing cough
tight clothing <
tightness or heat in chest
tingling sensations
tongue coated thick white
tongue moist, but thirsty
tongue pale with red papillae
too weak to cough out expectoration
trembling < cough
trembling with anxiety
tubercular diathesis
twitching of face
twitching, trembling
uncleanliness of body
uncoordinated, spasmodic awkward movements
uncovering <
uncovering a part <
urine dribbling in drops with cough
vertigo or vomiting with cough
very dry, rasping cough like wood being sawed
very salty expectoration
violent cough and sneezing, and involuntary urine
violent spasmodic cough and facial herpes
voice deep, bass, or much altered
voice rough > expectoration of yellow-green lumps
wakes with suffocation
wants to hold back the cough
wants to take a deep breath
warm drinks >
weakness and loose rattling, but no expectoration
weakness from cough
weakness of larynx and chest, cannot speak loudly
weakness on waking, morning or night
wet weather <
whole body trembles during cough
whooping cough
whooping cough and nosebleed
winter catarrh and slimy sputum with specks of blood
winter coughs of old people
with heat of body
worse 4-8 p.m.
worse from cold, damp
worse in the morning
worse talking or motion
yawning after cough
yawns with cough
yellow discoloration or chloasma on face