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Acute Prescribing in PhaseRep

This article is simply to show how one can prescribe more effectively in some acute conditions.

I have included extra rubrics for some common acute conditions, and these will be shown in the second phase of the repertorization if the rubric is inserted in the diagnosis section as shown in the image below.

The conditions for which I have included additional rubrics are:

Please note that you can enter only one condition into the diagnosis section. You can then proceed with using the repertory as usual. It will just show up additional rubrics in the second phase, specific to this "diagnosis". As and when more conditions are added, they will be included in the list on this page.

As always, the remedy that comes up in the analysis must be carefully matched from the materia medica, and only prescribed if clearly indicated. If you are unable to find a clear match, it is possible the history is not complete, or that you might get better results using a conventional repertory. Thus, if the patient has a marked symptom "starting from the slightest noise with chills", you can find it in angustura in the repertory - PhaseRep will not give you this. So any clear, specific symptom must always be looked up in the big repertories. Use PhaseRep in conjunction with other books / repertories.