Materia Medica Notes

dry burning heat from head and face, with THIRST FOR COLD DRINKS. ONE CHEEK RED AND HOT, THE OTHER PALE AND COLD. DESIRE TO UNCOVER. intense heat. ANXIETY and weeping - or cheerful during fever. SWEATS ON SIDE LAIN ON, or on covered parts.

fever after walking in heat of sun. gastric fever. chill at noon. sadness before the chill. desire for stool with chill. sweat in the morning, or cold sweat on motion.

burning in one spot, which is cold to touch. high fever, FOUL BREATH - says he is well. dry heat, MORNING ON WAKING. intense heat of head and face, with shaking chill, or cold body. heat of head and headache during fever. putrid taste in intermittent fever. shivering from uncovering. chill felt most severely in pit of stomach, body feels bruised. unconscious during fever. anguish during the heat. epistaxis in typhoid fever. fever at 4 a.m. chill from slightest movement of bed clothes, or undressing. thirsty during chill. foul sweat.

restlessness alternating with sleepiness or unconsciousness. restless or sad during heat. body hot outside, BUT FEELS COLD INSIDE. nausea after fever. ANXIOUS AND WEAK DURING FEVER. sweat appears long after fever is gone, with renewal of all symptoms. SWEATS WITHOUT RELIEF, OR MADE WORSE. loose cough during fever. pain in stomach or abdomen. palpitation. noises in ear. dry heat at night, with delirium. dry burning heat at night without thirst (apis). THIRSTY WITH FEVER. fever in the morning with chilliness. frequent urination during chill. drinking agg. appetite increased during chill. CRAVES WARM DRINKS DURING CHILL.

continued fever at night. SEPTIC OR TYPHOID FEVER. epistaxis in typhoid. LONG LASTING SHAKING CHILL. fever in bed. fever at night, with chilliness. confusion and restlessness during the heat. WASHING AMEL. foul sweat. sweats on face.

burning heat alternating with chilliness. burning heat inside and outside - BODY TURNS HOT. fever with delirium or spasms. night temperature very high. weeps during the heat. PUPILS DILATED. THIRSTY. chill begins and extends from arms. burning heat alternating with chills. chill with bursting headache, pale face when lying down, RED WHEN SITTING UP. stitching in fingertips during chill. chill worse after eating. sweat appears and disappears suddenly. SWEATS ON COVERED PARTS. MIND SENSITIVE DURING SWEAT, WEEPS ETC.

WANTS TO BE QUIET. burning heat from 9 pm to midnight. heat at night worse motion and noise. rash evolves very slowly, or recedes. STITCHING PAINS IN CHEST. stomach pain during heat. THIRSTY DURING HEAT. CHILL BEGINS IN LIPS OR FINGERTIPS OR TIPS OF TOES. chill from right side of body. more chilly in a warm room than in the open air. CHILL AFTER A SIESTA, AFTERNOON NAP. chill better from warm drinks. DESIRE TO CLOSE EYES DURING CHILL. sleepless with chill. face pale during chill. RELIEF BY SWEAT, or weak from sweating. SIGHING DURING PERSPIRATION. urging to urinate during sweat. sweats at 10pm., with chilliness.

SKIN COLD WITH FEVER. internal heat with external coldness. fever worse from walking in open air. severe diarrhea during fever. stupefaction during the heat. CHILL WITH ICY COLDNESS OF BODY WITH DESIRE TO UNCOVER. HEAT WITH SWEAT, BUT DESIRE TO COVER. hand blue during chill. weakness from sweat. cold sweat.

fever, desire to be fanned in place of thirst. yellow fever, with hemorrhages, trembling, pale face, severe headache and great weakness. continued congestive fever with collapse. sweats at night during heat. pain in region of spleen during heat. left-sided chill. chill with cold breath and icy coldness of body. knee cold during chill. cold sweat. sweats at night during the heat.

long lasting heat, with sleep. PRICKLING OVER WHOLE BODY. dry heat WITHOUT THIRST AT NIGHT, with swollen veins of arms and hands. cold forehead during the head. body pains with the heat - head, sacrum, extremities. anxiety and palpitation BEFORE THE CHILL. chill begins in ankles. trembling of hand during chill. chill only in daytime, never at night. cold sweat on forehead during chill. chilliness in the open air, and heat in the room. pain in liver region during chill. sweats on side lain on. MIND SENSITIVE DURING SWEAT STAGE. cold sweat around mouth, or on nose.

chilliness IN THE BACK with dry heat, evening in bed. one cheek hot and red, with CONSTANT SHUDDERING during fever. loquacity during fever. SIGHING DURING HEAT. feels hot in bed, yet averse to uncovering. face hot during chill. chill at 8pm. excitement fo mind during chill. thirsty during the sweat stage. ACUTE HEARING during perspiration.

trembling in back. numbness under toes in intermittent fever. cough from suppressed intermittent. thirsty. shivering from drinking. CRAVES WARM DRINKS DURING THE FEVER. throbbing in head during fever. bitter vomiting during the heat. SLEEPINESS DURING HEAT. drinking hastens and increases the chill, and causes nausea. backache during chill. heavy chill morning of one day, light in afternoon of next. sweats on hands during chill. fingers stiff in chill. severe chill, then light sweat. yawning during chill. RELIEF FROM PERSPIRATION, except headache - which may even be worse. CHILLINESS DURING THE SWEAT.

extremities heavy. WANTS TO BE QUIET. fever at 10 a.m. pricking all over body (chin). fever in the afternoon. shivering with fever. THIRSTLESS DURING HEAT. SLEEPINESS. Pupils contracted. SHAKING CHILL, WANTS TO BE HELD OR HELD DOWN, SO HE WOULD NOT SHAKE SO HARD (lach).chill with desire to be near warm stove, which amel. vertigo with chilliness. chill begins from hands and feet. ascending chill. chilliness on uncovering during any stage. COMPLAINTS RELIEVED BY SWEAT, esp pain in limbs.

fever, dry heat with sweaty hands when put out of bed. fever at 4 p.m., lasting all night. HOARSE, WEAK VOICE, OR IRRITATION OF LARYNX DURING HEAT. vomits water during fever. chill from draught of air, or PUTTING HAND OUT OF BED OR COVERS. chill from 5-8 p.m. desires warmth during chill, but not relieved. BITTER TASTE. URTICARIA OR ITCHING DURING CHILL. deep sleep during the chill (nat-m, op). PROFUSE SWEAT WITHOUT RELIEF, esp at night, with sour odor. sweats on motion.

malaria with constant diarrhea on days free of fever. stomach trembling during heat. pain in larynx during heat. chest pain, pressing, after chill. chill better after eating, or after rising from bed. thirst during sweat. weakness from perspiration. exaltation or fancies during perspiration.

short chill, long heat, no thirst. aching in thighs. SWEATS ON FOREHEAD. standing amel. coldness of ear and face pale during heat. restless during heat. VOMITING. may be thirsty or thirstless with the heat. chill worse in warm room, better in open air. chill of upper part of body. salivation before chill. aching of limbs with chill.

loathing of food in intermittent fever. stitching pains - in eyes, chest. pulsation in abdomen during heat. chill at 5-6 a.m., relieved by external heat, in bed or in warm room. wants to be quiet during the chill. nausea or vomiting after the chill. sweats all night without relief. sweats on painful parts, or on upper parts of body.

roaring in ears. eructations, or burning in stomach, during fever. SLEEPINESS DURING THE HEAT. weary of life. FACE YELLOW DURING FEVER. coldness of ear during heat. SHAKING CHILL, WANTS TO BE HELD , SO HE WOULD NOT SHAKE SO HARD. chill begins in ankles or calves, or the dorsal back. restless before the chill. unconscious or convulsions with the chill. chill with desire for warmth which does not relieve. SWEAT STAINS THE LINEN RED OR YELLOW. sweats from pains.

fever with cough, cramps and heat of head in evening. WORSE AFTERNOON, ESP 4-8PM. sour vomiting during fever. RED SEDIMENT IN URINE. DESIRES WARM DRINKS. one-sided fever, esp left. chronic intermittent fever with enlarged liver. pain or numbness of extremities during heat. pain in eyes during fever. INDISPOSED TO TALK DURING HEAT. trembling in stomach. back stiff during chill. CHILL BEGINS IN RIGHT FOOT. chill on falling asleep. chill in the evening with stupefying sleep. perspiration with relief from uncovering. thirst after the sweat. weeps during perspiration. frequent urination with the sweat. ON MAKING ANY MOVEMENT, SWEAT DISAPPEARS AND HEAT COMES ON.

paroxysmal fever at night. fever drives out of bed at night. FEELS HOT IN BED, YET AVERSE TO UNCOVERING. face feels chilly during the heat. chill in afternoon after siesta. fever alternating with chilliness, the heat not perceptible to touch. chill worse from warmth of stove. chill worse in bed and also in open air. chill worse rising from bed. FEVER AT NIGHT WITH SWEAT. sweat with pains, or sweat esp of affected parts. NO RELIEF FROM PERSPIRATION. sweat on falling asleep, or whole night. offensive oily sweat, staining linen yellow. palpitation during sweat. sweat causes burning or itching.

fever alternating with chills, with hot twitches. after intermittent fever, cough or paralysis. fever at 10-11 a.m. INTENSE HEAT WITH SLEEPINESS, OR STUPEFACTION/UNCONSCIOUSNESS. FEVER BLISTERS. HEADACHE DURING THE HEAT. SADNESS DURING THE HEAT. starting during the heat. thirsty with fever and during sweat. vomits. pain or swelling of spleen. chill begins in right side. chill begins from head, toes, fingertips or dorsal back. chewing motion of jaw during chill. MOANING DURING CHILL. URTICARIA DURING CHILL. vertigo before chill. vision dim during chill, or deep sleep. vomits after the chill. SWEAT RELIEVES ALL COMPLAINTS - including throbbing headache, but sometimes headache alone not relieved.

with fever, pain in joints of limbs not lain on. fever relieved by sitting. urine red (not sediment). WORSE IN OPEN AIR. SHIVERING AND SWEAT WITH HEAT (sulph). SHIVERING FROM MOTION OR ON DRINKING. occipital headache. convulsions with fever. dryness or pain in larynx during heat. THIRSTY WITH FEVER. pain in stomach during fever. heat of face during chill. skin yellow with fever, esp face. pain in spleen or liver during heat. noises in ear, or stitching in head with fever. DOES NOT WANT TO TALK DURING FEVER. CHILLY FROM LEAST DRAUGHT OF AIR, FROM TURNING IN BED OR RISING, OR ANY MOVEMENT OF BEDCLOTHES. chill worse from touch. sweats, and feels chilly from least movement. chill with desire for warmth, but external heat does not relieve. skin mottled or turns blue (esp nails) during chill. chill with cramps or numbness of legs. eructations during the chill. sleepiness after the chill. sweats on one side. NO RELIEF FROM PERSPIRATION. sweats on waking, with relief. cold sweat, which relieves. sweat with aversion to uncovering. nausea with the sweat.

fever with red face, BODY BURNING HOT EVEN WHEN BATHED IN SWEAT. intense heat with stupefaction and unconsciousness. HEAT COMES ON DURING SLEEP, OR DEEP SLEEP WITH THE HEAT - EVEN SNORING . indifference during fever - or may also be cheerful, or industrious during the heat. heat of the head during chill. dryness of throat. starting during the heat. extremities stiff during chill. hot sweat. sweat does not relieve, or is worse from sweating. sweats on upper part of body.

burning heat with unquenchable THIRST FOR COLD WATER. sediment in urine - red or white. throat pain or dryness of larynx during the heat. thirsty during heat. sleepiness or sleepless during the the heat. chill from 7-10p.m. indifference during the chill. CHILLINESS ON FALLING ASLEEP. shaking chill on putting hand out of bed. KNEES or hands COLD during the chill. paroxysmal cough after the chill. trembling in chest or stomach with the chill. diarrhea or vomiting with the chill. chill better after sleep. WEAKNESS WITH SWEAT. epistaxis during the sweat.profuse urination with perspiration - MAY BE CLOUDY. sweat better after waking.

FEVER AT 2 PM, chill at 4 pm. BED FEELS TOO HOT AT NIGHT. changing paroxysms. on one side of body, hand and foot hot and red, but at night the other side is hot and red. BURNING HANDS seek cool places, esp evening. washing amel. AVERSION TO COMPANY, AND INDISPOSED TO TALK DURING THE HEAT. voice hoarse in fever. SWEATS ON FACE DURING THE HEAT. RESTLESS, MOANING OR WEEPING WITH THE FEVER. CHILLY MORE IN WARM ROOM THAN IN OPEN AIR. sweats on hands during chill. long chill, little heat - NO THIRST. sleepiness before chill. sweats all night, with loquacity. sweats on uncovered parts. sweats profusely during morning sleep, waking amel. ONE-SIDED SWEAT.

ACHING IN THIGHS AND LEGS. chilliness continues long into heat. DIARRHEA IN FEVER. THIRSTY DURING FEVER AND CHILL. chill relieved in bed. chilliness from uncovering at any stage. chill begins and extends from between scapulae. PERIODIC, REGULAR AND DISTINCT CHILL. CHILL AT 7 P.M. no sweat in fever, or critical sweat. chilliness with sweat. offensive sweat.

FEVER 6 A.M. TO 10 A.M. sensation as if hot water in blood vessels, or as if dashed with hot water. pressing in occiput. ACHING LEGS. heavy extremities. stitching pains in joints. LEFT SIDE HOT, RIGHT SIDE COLD. cutting pain in abdomen during heat. hearing impaired during heat. throbbing in head during heat. RESTLESSNESS - OF MIND AND BODY. CHILL BEGINS IN THIGHS, OR ON RIGHT SIDE OF BODY. CHILL AT 7 PM., worse eating or drinking. dry cough before the chill. chill with desire to be near warm stove. CHILL FROM UNCOVERING, OR PUTTING HAND OUT OF BED. extremities become numb or stiff during chill. HOT BREATH DURING CHILL. urticaria during chill or sweat. salivation before chill. chill from working in water, or taking frequent baths. backache near scapulae during chill. involuntary urination during the chill. profuse sweat, but not debilitating. shivering and sweat with the heat. SWEATS ON WHOLE BODY EXCEPT FACE.

weak lower limbs with catarrhal fever. HEAT IN EYES, AND FOGGY VISION. worse sitting. pain in forehead or temples. white sediment in urine. vertigo, with tendency to fall. paroxysms change after potencies. fever with red face and coldness of feet during heat. heavy head during the heat. hoarseness of voice or pain in throat. burning pain in stomach. THIRSTLESS IN FEVER. CHILL BEGINS IN TIPS OF FINGERS OR TOES, OR FROM THROAT. sudden weakness or faintness during chill. pain in dorsal back during chill. shaking chill at noon, or 11 am. yawning with chilliness. twitching of thigh. creeping chill after urinating. SWEAT AND CHILLINESS WITH PAINS. chill from motion. WARMTH UNBEARABLE DURING CHILL. thirsty during the chill. numbness of hand during chill. SWEATS WITHOUT RELIEF, OR IS WORSE AFTER. sweats on waking, or only when awake. brown urine during sweat. descending perspiration.

fever, 4 p.m. till midnight. BURNING HEAT, EXCEPT HEAD AND FACE, WHICH ARE COVERED WITH SWEAT. sleepless in low fevers. jerking of fingers in gastric fevers. EXTREMITIES COLD DURING FEVER. BURNING HEAT, WITH FURIOUS DELIRIUM. profuse debilitating sweat during delirium. confusion or changing moods during the sweat. loquacity during fever. INTENSE HEAT OF HEAD AND FACE, BODY COLD. convulsions. NIGHT TEMPERATURE RUNS VERY HIGH (bell). mind - either stupefied, or abundant ideas during the heat. chill on uncovering. descending chill. face turns blue or red with chill. leg feels paralyzed during chill. heat of head before chill. icy coldness of body, and covered with cold sweat in chill.

fear while chilly during fever. SHIVERING AND SWEAT WITH HEAT (nux-v). frontal headache during fever. dry throat and hoarseness of voice. SWEAT AT NIGHT DURING THE HEAT. BURNING OF SOLES DURING FEVER. coldness in sacrum during chill. involuntary urination during chill. CHILL BEGINS FROM TOES. diarrhea during chill. cold sweat during stool. chill relieved by lying down. WORSE AT NOON. chill from bad news or exciting news. profuse sweat on waking in morning. sweats while talking.

LOQUACITY DURING FEVER. chill FROM EXCITEMENT OR SAD NEWS. chill with trembling and shivering. excitement during perspiration.

lameness in joints, or aching in thighs and legs during fever. LOQUACITY DURING THE HEAT. hectic fever. DRY COUGH before intermittent fever. noises in ears. fever in single parts. THIRSTY with fever and chill. BACK AND LIMBS STIFF during chill. chill at 5, 6 or 7 p.m. eyes sore during chill. chilly from uncovering, or on motion during sweat. chill from bathing. PROFUSE NIGHT SWEATS WITH WEAKNESS AND DEBILITY.

burning heat with furious delirium. singing during fever. SWEATS ON FOREHEAD DURING FEVER. urine brown color in fever. vomiting during heat. body cold and hands blue during chill. during chill, when drinking it feels as though cold water was being poured outside on chest. long-lasting sweat, continuing through apyrexia. thirst with the sweat. sweat does not relieve. sweating better on getting out of bed.

croupy cough on EXPIRATION. dry cough from change of temperature. cough worse lying on painful side. COUGH AT MIDNIGHT, EVERY 30 MINS. cough in dry, cold air. LOUD, DRY, BARKING cough. dry cough during fever. tickling short cough at night. LARYNX PAINFUL during cough, grasps it. expectoration taste like fish. expectoration of bright-red blood.

burning in chest region from cough. short cough after dinner. irritation in larynx. PAROXYSMAL COUGH WITH SNEEZING, or ends in sneezing. spasmodic, violent cough. cough from constriction in larynx.

cough, GRASPING LARYNX INVOLUNTARILY at every cough, feels as though larynx would be torn. fullness in occiput on coughing. hacking cough < COLD AIR, from tickling in larynx.

IRRITATING THINGS such as salt, wine, pepper, vinegar immediately start cough. cough from SENSATION OF LOOSE SKIN HANGING IN THROAT. potatoes agg. irrepressible, sudden, violent cough in evening while sitting. pain in arm or in vertex when coughing. dry, almost constant cough. choking or difficult breathing with cough. vomits with cough.

abdomen pain when coughing - in navel or hypochondrium. cough from lifting a heavy weight. cough when many people are present. ITCHING IN THROAT WHEN COUGHING. cough worse from music. ERUCTATIONS AFTER COUGHING. expectoration, cream-like, yellowish-white, or grayish.

cOUGH FROM COLD MILK OR DRINKS. distracting cough, day and night. cough with hoarseness, raises hand to larynx, which is sensitive to touch. short cough while talking. SITTING ERECT AMEL. with cough, child springs up and clings to those around, calls for help in a hoarse voice, bends backward and grasps at larynx. cough better after 3 a.m. SWEATS ON HANDS DURING COUGH. face twitches. trembling sensation in head during cough. asthmatic cough. rattling cough. sleepiness with cough. YAWNING AFTER COUGHING. vomiting. expectoration relieves.

cough worse from noise. cough ONE HOUR AFTER GOING TO SLEEP. cough from tickling in larynx, morning after rising. eye, ecchymosis from coughing. CHEST SORE FROM COUGHING, HOLDS CHEST WITH BOTH HANDS. cough worse from crying. epistaxis with whooping cough. bloody expectoration.

cough in the afternoon, 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. cough from burning in throat-pit. consolation agg. cough worse after midnight, around 1 a.m. cough at 5.30 a.m. spasmodic cough better from summer heat. cough on being spoken to. suffocative cough on walking. contraction of stomach after coughing. COUGH WORSE COLD OR OPEN AIR, ESP WALKING. WORSE DRINKING, ESP AFTER COLD DRINKS. dry cough at night, esp evening in bed. exhausting cough. cough during fever. hacking, tickling in larynx. loose cough during fever. worse lying in the evening, must sit up. cough as from sulphur fumes or vapour, tickling in larynx. tormenting cough. WARM FLUIDS AMEL COUGH. SWEATS FROM COUGH. respiration difficult or arrested with cough. offensive expectoration, odor like garlic. expectoration in the daytime only. frothy, bloody or blood-streaked expectoration.

pain in parts on coughing, holds the part. cough in damp room. painful cough, evening in bed. suffocative cough AFTER EATING AND DRINKING. SNEEZING BETWEEN THE COUGHING. better in open air. WORSE DEEP BREATH. dry cough in fever. cough AS IF FROM STOMACH. cough loose in the morning . weeping before cough. vomits food from coughing. rusty, bloody-brown expectoration.

pain in distant parts. BLADDER PAIN, STINGING AT NECK, WHEN COUGHING. cough in evening, from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. explosive cough with escape of fetid, pungent air. SUDDEN, PAROXYSMAL COUGH CONVULSES WHOLE BODY. cough in sharp wind. pain in ear when coughing. pain in thigh extending to knee. epistaxis with cough. nervous cough. THROAT PAIN DURING COUGH.

dry cough after every expiration, with flush of heat and sweat. hard spells of cough, not ceasing until masses of offensive sputa are raised. HEAT IN CHEST. worse from approach or passing of people. cough during supper. sore pain in posterior nares. SORE CHEST WITH COUGH. hoarseness. loose in morning. cough, paroxysmal at night, esp before midnight. COUGH FROM SCRAPING LARYNX. suffocative, violent, whooping cough. retching with cough. bloody brown or greenish expectoration, esp in the morning.

pain in left abdomen on coughing. cough only on lying. pain in hip. chest pain behind sternum on coughing. worse from cold air, but cold drinks amel. becoming warm in bed aggravates. lying agg. BENDING HEAD FORWARD, OR STOOPING AGG. AS IF HE COULD NOT COUGH DEEP ENOUGH TO START MUCUS. distressing, exhausting cough. hoarse, hollow cough. wakens from sleep. rawness and pain in larynx or trachea from coughing. expectoration difficult, MUST SWALLOW WHAT HAS BEEN LOOSENED. GREASY TASTE OF EXPECTORATION.

chest pain in middle after cough. choking cough in morning after rising, or evening. worse from inspiration. DRY COUGH AND SNEEZING. cough from fretting. spasmodic, convulsive cough. extremities stiff before cough, or twitching of hand during cough. pain in temples. confusion. GURGLING IN ESOPHAGUS AFTER COUGH. GAGGING OR RETCHING FROM COUGHING.

barking cough, drinking cold water amel. cough, forenoon, 10 a.m., from rawness in air passages while lying. cough as from mucus ascending or descending in trachea. COUGH AT SPECIFIC TIMES - 10 a.m., 11.30 p.m., 2 a.m. - 3.30, or 1 a.m. Wakes from cough at 1 a.m. rinsing mouth agg or amel. suffocative cough in the morning while lying down. worse warm stove. throat feels narrow when couging. pulsating in throat after coughing. cough better in open air. tickling or irritation in larynx. PAROXYSMAL COUGH, FOLLOWED BY COPIOUS MUCUS. spasmodic cough worse lying. cough on waking. worse in warm room. expectoration bluish-gray. copious expectoration, viscid, white, albuminous.

pain in left breast during cough. must hold abdomen during cough, which amel. cough only when lying down, must sit up and cough AND THEN CAN REST. cough at night in pregnancy. racking cough from deep inspiration. crawling or tickling sensation in larynx. dry cough during fever. cough from dryness air passages, esp from DRY SPOT IN LARYNX. worse evening in bed. MUST SIT UP AS SOON AS COUGH COMMENCES. headache from cough. expectoration purulent, difficult, MUST SWALLOW WHAT HAS BEEN LOOSENED.

cough when lying in bed, MUST SIT UP OR SLEEP IN CHAIR from sense of suffocation. cough alternating with ERUPTIONS.

cough during measles, in the daytime. cough during measles, relieved as eruption develops. cough, metastatic, with the sound of croup. worse night, 11 p.m. to 1 a.m., or paroxysmal cough in the afternoon, 5 p.m. persistent, uninterrupted, paroxysmal cough. COUGH SEEMS TO RE-ECHO IN STOMACH. SEA WIND AGG. extremities, convulsion during cough. tearing occipital headache. anxiety before attack of whooping cough. COUGH RELIEVED BY COLD DRINKS. cough from constriction at larynx. paroxysmal cough, CONSISTING OF LONG COUGHS. violent, suffocative cough. difficult respiration, asthmatic. thick, bloody expectoration.

constriction in hypochondria during cough. stitching in axilla on coughing. hoarse cough worse MIDNIGHT, OR AFTER 2 A.M. unable to cough from pain, amel by pressure of hand on pit of stomach. SCRAPING IN FAUCES. TICKLING IN LARYNX AT NIGHT ON LYING DOWN. cramps in calves. respiration accelerated or arrested during cough. holds part during cough. BARKING, DEEP COUGH. cough worse talking or after drinking. cough from dryness of fauces. AS FROM DUST. hacking cough from tickling in larynx. cough on lying at night, AS SOON AS HEAD TOUCHES PILLOW. cough after measles. paroxysmal cough, after midnight. paroxysmal cough, ATTACKS FOLLOW ONE ANOTHER QUICKLY. tormenting cough. face turns bluish from coughing. constriction in larynx. epistaxis, esp with whooping cough. retching or vomiting with cough.

cough in the daytime, morning on rising, continuing UNTIL LYING DOWN AGAIN. cough at noon, in sleep. CORYZA, WITH DISCHARGE IN THE MORNING, WITH COUGH AND EXPECTORATION. cough in the DAYTIME ONLY, worse morning. BETTER FROM LYING. LACHRYMATION with the cough. COPIOUS EXPECTORATION - A MOUTHFUL. hawks up mucus.

cough, afternoon, 1 p.m. to 1 a.m. CLOSING EYES AT NIGHT EXCITES COUGH. sensation as if throat irritated by smoke of rancid grease. hoarse cough, evening until midnight. nervous cough all night. cough at night, 11 p.m. to 12 p.m. RATTLING COUGH AFTER EATING. tickling cough in the afternoon, 3 p.m. falling in forehead while coughing. throbbing in temples. weakness in head after cough. foul sweat after coughing. burning in stomach during cough. COUGH WORSE DRY, COLD AIR. barking cough. worse on BECOMING COLD, EVEN JUST ARM OR SINGLE PART.COUGH, DRY IN THE EVENING, LOOSE IN MORNING. cough from irritation in larynx. cough, suffocative at night. UNCOVERING AGG, EVEN HANDS. PAIN IN LARYNX WHEN COUGHING, GRASPS IT. weeping before or while coughing. retching or vomiting with cough. COPIOUS, THICK, YELLOW, visid or mucous expectoration ESP IN THE MORNING.

NERVOUS COUGH when lying. cough in old people at night. racking cough after midnight. stitching pain in forehead over eyes on coughing. IRRITATION IN LARYNX, SUPPRESSING THE COUGH AMEL. COUGH WORSE IN COLD AIR. constant DRY, nervous cough AT NIGHT, WORSE LYING, SITTING UP AMEL. cough during fever. cough at night, WAKING FROM SLEEP. paroxysmal, spasmodic, violent cough. BLOODY, BRIGHT-RED EXPECTORATION.

cough as from DUST IN THROAT-PIT. hollow cough in the morning on waking. cough from irritation in larynx, while lying down in evening. cough when standing still during a walk. stitching pain in penis during cough. SLEEPY AFTER COUGHING. dry cough in the evening in bed. cough as from SULPHUR FUMES OR VAPOUR. COUGH AFTER VEXATION. violent cough. IRRITATION IN AIR PASSAGES INCREASES THE MORE ONE COUGHS.

cough on breathing deeply, morning after lying down. spasmodic cough relieved by cold drink. SUFFOCATIVE COUGH WORSE EVENING 6-7 P.M. stiffness of facial muscles during cough. LARYNGISMUS STRIDULUS before cough. choking, asthmatic cough. dry cough during fever. CHILD BECOMES STIFF AND BLUE IN FACE. coryza with cough. EPISTAXIS. NAUSEA or vomiting of food from cough. BLOODY EXPECTORATION.

burning in chest at sternum, extending into shoulder during cough. PAIN BEHIND STERNUM ON COUGHING. sensation of acrid fluid through posterior nares causing cough. A/F INHALING DRY SMOKE. oppression in epigastrium. croupy and hoarse - or RESONANT cough. PAIN IN FACE AND CHEEK WHEN COUGHING. pain in temples. worse from eating. cough worse morning on waking. MUCUS IN CHEST OR LARYNX PROVOKES COUGH. difficult, pasty expectoration STICKING TO TONGUE, TEETH AND LIPS. ROPY, STRINGY, TOUGH expectoration. white expectoration in the morning.

cough at 5 a.m. with crampy chest pain. cough from bread. choking cough during sleep when lying on side. cough from 9 p.m. till morning. cough FOLLOWING DIFFICULT LABOR OR ABORTION, with backache and sweat. WHOOPING COUGH AT 3 A.M. pale face turns dark red during cough. PAIN IN VERTEX. COUGH RELIEVES SENSE OF PLUG OR LUMP IN THROAT. BREATHING DEEP AGGRAVATES the cough. COUGH ON BECOMING COLD. crawling sensation in larynx. dry cough in the evening on lying down. cough during fever. waking from the cough. tickling in trachea. ROUGHNESS IN LARYNX OR TRACHEA FROM COUGHING. vomiting from cough. COPIOUS EXPECTORATION IN WARM ROOM. expectoration of smoke-colored lumps, streaked with blood.

RATTLING COUGH WITHOUT HOARSENESS. cough at night. whooping cough. expectoration difficult, MUST SWALLOW WHAT HAS BEEN LOOSENED.

LOQUACITY DURING FEVER. constriction of abdomen during cough. cough from eating fish. cough from irritation in larynx as if some fluid had gone the wrong way. cough from smothering in throat. cough in hot weather. COUGH FROM ITCHING IN EAR. stitching or tearing PAIN IN RECTUM on coughing. stomach pain on coughing. CHOKING COUGH AS SOON AS ONE FALLS INTO A SOUND SLEEP. crumb in larynx, as from. Daytime agg. Cough with heart affections. cough from MUCUS IN LARYNX. cough from pressure on larynx. cough on rising from bed. COUGH ON FALLING TO SLEEP, DURING SLEEP OR AFTER SLEEP. COUGH FROM TOUCHING LARYNX LIGHTLY. violent cough in the morning on waking.

cramping, griping in hypochondria, chest pain, pain in temples or stitching under clavicle with the cough. worse 4-6 pm. cough on descending. distressing or exhausting cough in daytime. chronic dry cough in emaciated, pining boys. cough at 9 p.m. with fever, heat of head, and cramps. tickling as from feather in larynx on going to sleep, prevents sleep. COUGH FROM PUTTING OUT TONGUE, OR STRETCHING ARMS. WHISTLING RESPIRATION DURING COUGH. warm drinks amel. thich expectorate morning after waking. foul odor in nose when expectorating. SALTY EXPECTORATION.

cough from 4 p.m. until bedtime. constant dry cough RELIEVED BY LYING, esp on back. COUGH AT NOON. headache - sides or temples.

cough ONLY in the daytime , or ONLY at night. cough in the forenoon, from 9 a.m. to 5 or 6 p.m. PAROXYSMAL COUGH EVERY OTHER NIGHT, ON FALLING ASLEEP. PERIODIC cough, every other night. COUGH FOLLOWED BY STRETCHING. tickling cough in the evening before falling asleep. pain in sides or back of chest with cough. cough esp at night, worse lying on right side. racking cough. bloody expectoration. expectoration in the daytime only. greenish expectoration.

cough, day and night, which makes boy quite breathless. racking cough at 10 pm. short cough at 5 p.m. PAIN IN CERVICAL GLANDS. OR SPERMATIC CORDS. epistaxis with night cough. respiration arrested at night during cough. involuntary urine during cough. dry cough in fever. tickling in larynx. COUGH WORSE FROM MOTION OF ARMS. LACHRYMATION WITH THE COUGH. BURSTING HEADACHE, ESP FOREHEAD. glairy, albuminous expectoration.

cough in the afternoon, 1 p.m, esp worse from motion. inability to cough due to pain. cough in the daytime. GREENISH EXPECTORATION.

dry cough when lying on back, esp at midnight and lasting till daybreak, RELIEVED BY LYING ON SIDE. cough of students. violent cough in the morning before rising. cracking noises in ear while coughing. PAIN IN EAR or calf when coughing. weakness while walking, from cough and expectoration. eyes bleed during whooping cough. cough worse from BECOMING COLD, OR IN COLD AIR. cough from eating, or from motion of chest. RAWNESS IN LARYNX AND TRACHEA EXCITES COUGH. warm fluids amel. HOLDS HEAD WITH HAND. difficult respiration due to cough. bloody expectoration in the afternoon. expectoration tastes sour. bloody expectoration morning in bed, or during suppressed menses. expectoration of dark blood.

LUMBOSACRAL PAIN when coughing. WITH BRONCHIAL CATARRH, CHILD FEARS TO COUGH and postpones coughing as long as possible. hacking cough at beginning of menses. loose cough at midnight, sitting up amel. cough better when lying on back than either side, though WORSE LYING ON LEFT SIDE. nervous COUGH WHEN ANYONE ENTERS THE ROOM. paroxysmal cough after chill. READING ALOUD AGG, ESP EVENING. stooping agg. rattling cough while eating. cough before a storm. cough in TALL, SLENDER, tuberculous subjects. cough when sitting or lying, but not during motion. sore pain behind ears during cough. stitching in larynx at night with cough. involuntary urine with cough. constriction of sternum. cough from becoming cold, or walking in open air. must sit up. rawness in larynx. cough wakes from sleep. TICKLING COUGH IN OPEN AIR. COUGH WHEN GOING FROM WARM AIR TO COLD AIR, OR VICE VERSA. larynx and trachea pain in coughing. PERSPIRATION FROM COUGHING. EXPECTORATION LIKE THIN BATTER, BREAKS AND FLIES. EXPECTORATION ON SITTING UP IN BED. salty taste of expectoration in the morning. sputum looks as if mixed with dust. EXPECTORATION OF BLOODY MUCUS.

DRY COUGH AFTER EVERY SLEEP. cough after dancing or ANY VIOLENT EXERTION, OR BECOMING HEATED. exhausting cough at night DISTURBING SLEEP. worse talking, esp night. sharp pain in upper limbs. involuntary urination. dry cough at night RELIEVED BY SITTING. worse in warm room. LACHRYMATION with cough. dry cough, with EXPECTORATION IN THE MORNING OR DAYTIME ONLY. retching or vomiting with cough. EXPECTORATION BITTER, green or yellowish.

lumbar pain on coughing. chest trembles. TICKLING BEHIND UPPER HALF OF STERNUM WHEN SITTING BENT FORWARD. worse 11 a.m. or 11 p.m. wakens before midnight. cough after parturition. short cough after siesta. stitching in epigastrium. tickling cough, evening until midnight. cough WORSE FROM BATHING. cough before or during chill. cough on becoming cold, or EVEN A PART BECOMING COLD, UNCOVERING. tickling in trachea. relief from warm fluids. BLOODY TASTE IN MOUTH WHEN COUGHING.

cough FROM IRREGULAR BREATHING. sensation of FEATHER in larynx or trachea. hoarse, barking cough around 11pm. on lying down, or from 2 a.m. to 5 a.m. irritation in larynx while eating. cough from pressure on THROAT PIT. Tickling in larynx EXTENDING TO MIDSTERNUM. cough from cold air, or change of air, open air, and going from warm room to cold, UNCOVERING HEAD. cough worse from INSPIRATION. PAROXYSMAL cough in the morning on waking, or at night. RAWNESS IN LARYNX EXCITES COUGH. WORSE FROM TALKING. hawks up mucus.

DRY COUGH, MUST SIT UP, AND RELIEF FROM PASSING FLATUS UP AND DOWN. dry, spasmodic, exhausting cough especially in children, agg. at night on lying down and going to cold room to sleep. spasmodic cough after whooping cough. formication in throat pit. COUGH AFTER STRETCHING. DRYNESS OF AIR PASSAGES causing cough. as of a foreign body in trachea. irritation in throat-pit or trachea. FACE RED during cough. EMPTY ERUCTATIONS AFTER COUGH. mucus or offensive expectoration.

pain under right scapula when coughing. hacking cough when walking fast. cough in the morning when dressing. COUGH FROM SNEEZING. stitching pain in eyes when coughing. CHEST SORE when coughing. TRANSPARENT, STICKY, DIFFICULT EXPECTORATION.

abdominal pain, esp sharp pain from navel, extending to pubic region when coughing. stitching at left scapula when breathing or coughing. constriction of chest. cough in daytime only. DRY COUGH IN DAYTIME > LYING DOWN. CONSTANT COUGH AT NIGHT ON LYING, RELIEVED BY SITTING UP. COUGH WHICH WAKENS AT NIGHT. constant cough at night on waking. dry cough from inspiration, disturbing sleep. cough from 8 p.m. to 9 p.m. COUGH WORSE IN FOGGY WEATHER, OR FROM FOGS. cough until 9 a.m. cough in children from exposure to snowfall. whooping cough in forenoon. taste like rotten eggs with cough. vomits bitter stuff during cough in the evening in bed. dry cough AS IF FROM STOMACH. exhausting, hacking cough. IRRITATION IN CHEST, EPIGASTRIUM OR TRACHEA. SWEATS FROM THE COUGH. loose cough in the morning. bloody expectoration after eating, esp breakfast, or in the evening after lying down. expectoration at night, on getting into bed. respiration difficult after checked expectoration, relief from expectoration. copious, purulent, salty expectoration.

BARKING COUGH, day and night. dry cough better from eating. frost weather amel. paroxysmal cough FROM CHANGE OF TEMPERATURE. cough at night FROM LYING ON EITHER SIDE. sense of plug in larynx. suffocative cough while lying. cough from TURNING THE HEAD. RELIEF OF COUGH FROM WARM FOOD, but hot tea may agg. rough, sawing respiration between coughs. cough sibilant and dry, like a saw driven through a pine board. numbness of fingertips during whooping cough. soreness or BURNING IN CHEST from dry cough. COUGH RELIEVED BY EATING AND DRINKING. cough from excitement. PAIN AND RAWNESS IN THROAT AND AIRPASSAGES from coughing. if present, membranous expectoration, or expectoration tastes like seaweed.

constant cough, day and night. cough at night, from 11 p.m. to 3 a.m. abdominal pain or headache during cough. INVOLUNTARY URINATION with cough. STITCHING CHEST PAIN, esp sides. SUDDEN VIOLENT COUGH, ESP MORNING. LACHRYMATION WITH COUGH. cough, dry in the evening, loose in morning, or EXPECTORATION IN THE MORNING ONLY. expectoration constant, day and night. sweetish odor of expectorate.

stitching at hip, extending to small of back when coughing. stitching under left scapulae or at left shoulder when coughing. pain under breast with cough. COUGH FROM HIGHLY SEASONED FOOD. cough BEFORE OR DURING MENSES, EVERY EVENING, esp in bed with relief from sitting up. cough at night after midnight, until 2 a.m. cough at night, after rising. short cough in the evening while sleeping. COUGH RELIEVED BY SUGAR or wine. tickling cough at 6 p.m., amel by expectoration of mucus. whooping cough from afternoon until midnight. pain in neck with cough. chest oppression or pain, esp sides. dry cough on waking, or WAKES FROM SLEEP. as of dust. bursting headache from coughing. rawness in larynx from cough. tickling in the air passages, evening, 6 p.m., expectoration of mucus amel. cough, dry at night worse lying, loose by day . expectoration in the daytime only. expectoration at night in bed. greenish or bloody expectoration.

violent, spasmodic cough with jerking of head forward and knees upward. salty expectoration.

cough on becoming cold, or from cold drinks. dry, hacking cough. dry cough in fever, or before chill. cough from reading aloud or talking. suffocative cough. cough in a warm room. thick, yellow or green expectoration.