Covid-19 Questionnaire

Thank you for taking time to answer these questions. I hope it will help both doctors and patients here in India.

If you speak English, I would like to contact you on WhatsApp if you are willing. Thank you.

I do not need your name or city. Just your age, other health conditions like heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, any respiratory disease... Asthma, Emphysema etc.

When you describe any symptom in answering these questions, please say of you ever had that symptom or complaint earlier (in the past). Also if you feel there is anything important, even if it is not asked below, please talk about it.

  1. When did you first know you were not well? What were the first symptoms? Please include even sensations (like any itching or coldness) or emotional/ mental symptoms... e.g. confusion, feeling angry... anything. Also, what did you think was the reason for your complaint, before you knew it was because of corona infection.
  2. How did the complaints develop... Please describe in sequence, what happened, one after the other.
    (for example, at 6pm in middle of February... Approx 11th Feb, I started feeling a pain in my legs. I went to bed and took rest, but i started feeling worse. I felt thirsty and had some water, but it tasted bad.... etc.)
  3. Describe all the complaints in any part of the body... Eye, head, nose, leg, anywhere in the body.
  4. Please tell what things made you feel better or worse. For example, sharp headache in left side of head just above the left ear every night, which got better by drinking hot tea.
  5. Please describe complaints telling about the 1) region/place/location of the body, 2) sensation or feelings, 3) what other complaints at the same time e.g. headache and at same time, sweat in the hands, 4) what makes the complaint better or worse.
  6. What were the strongest symptoms, or most unusual and strange symptoms... or those symptoms which remained for the maximum time.
  7. Please describe the recovery process... How you started getting better. Which symptoms improved first, and what improved last.
  8. Please describe your state of mind, your feelings or thoughts and emotions during this illness. Fear, anger, sadness, crying, confusion etc. Please state what thoughts came to your mind.
  9. Did you get any repeated or prominent dreams in your sleep?
  10. How was your appetite and thirst? Did you feel like eating or drinking anything more than usual? For example, wanting to eat more apple or pickle etc. Or feeling hungry at night at 2am etc.
  11. Please describe any specific or unusual sensations e.g. As if cold water is there in chest... or any other sensation.
  12. Please describe any signs... Things that can be seen.... Red eyes, or hair falling, or sweat on one side of body... Or tongue yellow etc.

Thank you very much for taking the time.

Dr AVS Prasad
Homeopathic Doctor
Hyderabad, India